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Defective Certainteed Siding
How to Tell If Your Home Has It & What You Can Do

On October 3rd, 2013 a federal judge preliminarily approved a $103.9 million dollar class action lawsuit settlement against CertainTeed Corporation, for the sale of defective siding products across the United States & Canada. CertainTeed siding products which are included in the lawsuit are: CertainTeed’s Weatherboards, Fiber Cement Siding, Vertical Siding, Shapes, Soffit, Porch Ceiling and 7/16’’ trim. It is estimated that thousands of consumers recieved siding & trim products which the company wrongfully marketed as long lasting, durable, and suitable for exterior applications.
The settlement will provide cash payments for qualifying home and building owners with CertainTeed siding installed before September 30th, 2013 who’s siding shows premature deterioration caused by product defect. Defects seen on the CertainTeed siding is; shrinking, cracking warping, freezing during winter, imporper paint adhesion, and moisture absorption. Home & property owners with defective CertainTeed siding have up to six years to file a claim, and claim payments will be based on amount of siding, age, and condition of the siding.

Qualifying Damage:
Damages which qualify for the lawsuit are; a damage caused in the siding by shrinkage between the ends of the siding which exceed 3/16’’. For siding installed up against windows, doors, and trim the shrinkage must exceed 5/16’’. Warping and bowing which exceeds 1/2’’ , edge and field cracking throughout the boards, and delamination also qualities.

Types of siding included in the lawsuit:
• CertainTeed WeatherBoards
• CertainTeed Fiber Cement Siding
• CertainTeed Lap Siding
• CertainTeed Vertical Siding
• CertainTeed Shapes
• CertainTeed Soffit
• CertainTeed Porch Ceiling
• CertainTeed 7/16’’ Trim
• Must have been installed before September 30th, 2013

How do I tell if I have CertainTeed Siding on my home?
CertainTeed fiber cement products can be inentified in two ways, both ways are accepted by the company for processing warranty claims.

1.) If you can look at the reverse side of your fiber cement siding, it will have a product control and identification number. The ID number will include one of the following initials referring to the plant where it was made: • TH (Terre Haute Plant) • WC (White City Plant) • RR (Roaring River Plant)

2.) CertainTeed fiber cement siding boards contain a unique fingerprint in the wood grain texture, which includes a characteristic knot.

How to tell if you have certainteed siding

Need some help in identifiying whether or not you have CertainTeed siding?
A Mountain View representative will be able to tell by looking at your property whether you have CertainTeed siding. We can also help you with the claims process, and advise you on your options for getting new siding installed.

What Is a Whole Home Energy Audit
And What Can It Do For You?

Energy Leaks Could be Costing you

As part of our effort to help homeowners throughout the state of Colorado realize their dreams for a beautiful, durable, and energy efficient home. Mountain View works closely with every client to fully understand their needs and priorities,we offer professional home energy auditing to help homeowners discover how they could be saving energy and money. Our professional energy assessment takes a critical look at your the way your home uses, and loses energy. A home energy assessment is the best way for a homeowner to determine what fixes can be made to save energy and money.

What does a home energy audit look like:
First we start by talking with the homeowner/s, specifically we are looking for any problems that they are experiencing / noticing and their specific usage / demands for energy, heating, and appliance usage. We also take a look at the energy bills from the past year to get a basic sense of the home's energy consumption rate.

Next we do a visual inspection of the home’s interior; checking for leaks where-ever they may exist, around doors, windows, outlets, fireplaces, electrical fixtures, and vents. We check the type of insulation used in the walls and attic, double checking for any major air leaks. We do a visual inspection of the furnace and water heater checking for any fuel leaks, and looking to see if proper insulation is in place.

Then we utilize a blower door test, which utilizes a special fan which depressurizes the home and allows us to see where any air leaks are occurring. Once we are able to see where leaks are happening we can use various methods to seal those locations, and then the blower test can be re-done.

Our team of professional remodelers offer a full range of home remodel / improvement services and can help make any necessary repairs, upgrades, and replacements.

Energy Audit

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